Meet Saray

Saray is a beautiful 14 year-old Hispanic girl who came seeking behavioral health services following inpatient hospitalization.  Saray is one of triplets – all girls.  At birth, Saray slipped into a coma which lasted 28 days.  Since birth, Saray has experienced seizures until approximately one year ago. She is has severe mental delays and requires 24-hour care.   They have no transportation and the family faces many challenges trying to  manage Saray’s many doctor’s appointments and frequent hospitalizations.   Saray, her mother and two siblings live in a small one-bedroom apartment and they all take turns caring for Saray.  She has been diagnosed with psychosis, schizophrenia and has been treated with several types of medication but with no progress.  Saray has periods where she becomes socially disconnected from her family and retreats into a world  where she paces constantly laughing and talking with imaginary friends. 

sarah donates her hairSaray has a mane of hair worthy of any hair commercial but she is unable to manage brushing and caring for her hair and loves to get it wet in the shower.  She refused to allow her mother to brush it and it grows and grows.  However one day, she allowed one of the staff to detangle and brush it.  Her mother asked her if she would like to cut her hair and donate it to children who lost their hair due to cancer treatment. Saray responded yes and was ready to cut her hair immediately.  Saray has periods where she is loving and caring and it was during one of those periods that she agreed to cut and donate her hair.  She was eager to do something for someone else even though she herself has many needs.  Now her hair is more manageable and she can’t wait for it to grow so she can cut it again.  She has found a way to go beyond herself,  “extending a helping hand with her hair!“Our Children Our FuturOur Children Our Future : Sarahe : Sarah

Generosity is very much a part of Saray’s family.   At Christmas, her mother brings presents for the office staff.  Her sisters always give up their usually adolescent activities to help their mother with Saray because they say “She is our sister..we have to help our mother”.    The love, care, patience, sacrifice and selflessness these adolescents exhibit toward their sister is  nothing short of commendable for their young age.

Make the appeal for donations to help Saray’s family purchase a car and assist with appropriate housing.