Site Dedication

Gabriel Martin – Gabe to his friends ‑ volunteered his time with our non-profit organization for over three years.  Our Children Our Future is a behavioral health organization which provides services to children and families of diverse cultural backgrounds.  From the first contact with the organization, when Gabe read the mission and vision of the organization, he developed a passion to see the services reach those families who were most in need.  

Gabe was relentless in ensuring that the organization not only thrived but continue to grow in excellence.  He caught the vision of the organization and approached his volunteerism as if it were a full-time, high-paying position.  His smile was infectious and he seemed to make the even the most mundane tasks seem pleasurable, just because he was a part of the solution.  Every assignment was taken seriously, and yet he was light-hearted and warm in his approach to challenging situations.  His presence inspired everyone. 

Gabe was a man of his word and full of integrity.  He was always ready to help and cared deeply for those less fortunate than himself.  Gabe was indeed a very special person with a very big heart!  We love him dearly and miss him every day!